Tropical Vibes in Bangkok

The weather in Bangkok was basically what we were expecting. It was hot, humid, and ...did I say hot? Anyway, it was pretty much true to form weather and the locals knew exactly how to deal with it. We were not as prepared as we would have liked and we ended up having to go to the infamous Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as JJ Market, to get some more clothes that are more suited for this weather. And, of course, after seeing The Beach, I made it a personal mission to find a Hawaiian-inspired shirt, even though I'm 99% sure Leo DiCaprio never actually wore a Hawaiian shirt in the movie. 

The good news is after hours and hours of rummaging through several stalls inside the market, we found one stall that only carried vintage Hawaiian shirts in near-perfect condition. We both got one: Dusty got a black one with what look like tropical lilies printed all-over it while I got the one above, which upon closer inspection, is most likely a woman's shirt, seeing as how the buttons are on the opposite side of where they would be in a traditional men's shirt. In either case, a woman's shirt or not, I still rocked the sh*t out of this shirt, especially since it went so well with the hotel as a backdrop.

We had one day left in Bangkok, right after we came back from Phuket, and I wanted to check out the Cabochon Hotel, which was recommended by many travel blogs as one of the more special, boutique hotels in Bangkok. A word of caution for the vegan traveler: this hotel is not at all very vegan-friendly. Unfortunately, while we enjoyed our short stay and the service in this hotel was fantastic, as a vegan, this hotel does not have the most vegan-friendly decor nor do they accommodate any vegan meals (although it is close to a couple of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants like Veganerie Concept, Broccoli Revolution and Bo.lan. For more, check out our Bangkok Vegan Eats Guide.)  For what it's worth, this upscale hotel is perfect for what it advertises: old-world charm combined with contemporary comforts.