Early Mornings at the Flower Market

Jon and I were so jetlagged on our first night in Bangkok. We couldn't sleep so we decided to make the most of our first morning and explore the city at 4 a.m. We headed to the Pak Khlong Flower Market to catch the morning deliveries. There were Tuk Tuk's, motorbikes, buses and people all around. There was also a wide array of exotic fruits, veggies, and flowers of course! After a little roaming, we quickly snatched up some marigolds and and a bunch of lotus flowers to use in a photo op if the mood struck us. Truthfully, we were just itching to spend some money. Hey, it's what we do best! After all the walking up and down the street it was time to get a move on and get some breakfast as eating is just another thing that we do so well;-)