The Many Colors of Veganism

All too often the face of the animal rights movement is centered around the straight, white, cisgendered male. This video was made in an effort to show people whose faces are not what you usually see in an average vegan brochure or billboard. The voices you are about to hear are not the ones you usually hear in popular animal rights conferences or events. But these are the same people who work tirelessly to have their voices heard. 

"Their fight to exist is not separate from, nor does it compete with, their fight as activists for nonhumans. And they are here to say that it is possible to have a movement whose members fight like hell to lift up those they fight for, while also lifting up one another."

We are queers, single mothers, Latinx, indigenous, disabled, Muslims, trans, working class, students, anarchists, black, immigrants, Asians….

Huge shoutout goes to Collectively Free, which is an activist organization that aims to achieve animal liberation through anti-speciesist messaging, pro-intersectionality & community building, for including me in this project and for the incredibly important work that they are doing. Thanks Lili and Raffaella <3

Be sure to check out their website to get involved and to learn more here.