Grey-ish Gardens

Visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the wintertime was like finding an oasis in the middle of Brooklyn. Even though it's a huge property, the place feels very much isolated from everything else. While the rest of the city is enduring the bitter cold, the garden offers a welcome respite to weary New Yorkers, even if for just a couple hours.  

There's something very relaxing about being around these many plants. The air felt fresher and crisper and it's easy to spend a whole day just wandering the property and getting lost in its maze-like gardens. As it turns out, the idea wasn't lost on people, particularly couples. It seems that visiting the botanical garden is a popular spot for many New Yorkers, most of whom brought their significant other. It only took a couple minutes before I realized that the botanical garden was built for couples. After a while, you can't help but notice the arching trees and the romantic canopies, which were practically begging to have a wedding ceremony right underneath them. 

For me, there was a certain beauty to the changing of the seasons and how it affects certain areas of the garden. While the tropical area of the garden was largely unaffected (since it basically lived in its own greenhouse year-round), the majority of the gardens outside experienced the blunt of the New York winter, turning most of the trees leafless and naked, and the grass brown and overgrown. The scene was a little reminiscent of the movie "Grey Gardens", not exactly to that extent, but it did offer a glimpse of bleakness. Seeing the dry, sprawling vines curled up around the white posts sparked an image of an eccentric person with a wealth of charm and style, yet seemed oblivious of their untended, albeit potentially productive, garden.

Of course, all of this was dwarfed by the greenery that are still available to us. There's a certain irresistible quality to lush, vibrant green leaves especially when they surround you. In fact, it seems like Dustin got bit by something from this place since he seems to have grown a green thumb overnight after visiting this place. While we don't quite have the same amount of plants in our apartment yet (we're currently at 5), it definitely gives us something to aspire to.

-Jon R.

For more info about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, check out their website here.

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