Street Scene: Hipster 101

The key to truly capturing the modern day hipster in his natural habitat is finding  a capable environment that fits the hipster sensibility, preferably a gritty street with subtle graffiti and steam gently wafting into the open air. Remember, the lonelier and desolate the street, the better! Now rip through your wardrobe and find your best hipster pieces. Vague graphic sweater? Check! Dingy Converse shoes? Check! At least two articles of denim? Check and check! And the cherry on top...Knit cap! CHECK! This will complete the effect of living in an era from days gone by yet be completely modern at the same time.

A little sunlight never hurt anyone, especially when trying to get your squint on. Be sure not to look angry. Concerned, yes. Angry, no. And awkward arm posturing is a must. This says, " I'm okay being me, if being me means looking cool."

Now get out there and and give the world a good what for! Remember the three E's: Environment, ensemble, engagement.