The State of the Art in Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia is an art haven. While it's a relatively small city, Philadelphia has been known to be a place with a bustling art scene. One of the places we made sure to visit while we were there was the city's namesake museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Though it was raining, we decided to walk to the museum to get a better feel of what the city was like. Depending on where you stay, we highly recommend walking to your destination if it's within the city's limits. We stayed at a place in Rittenhouse Square and it took us about 30-40 minutes to get to the museum. 

While most people would probably recognize the museum for its famous steps featured in the movie "Rocky" (pictured above), the museum's collection, as well as its many ongoing exhibits, are also well worth the visit. 

From classical to contemporary art, the museum has something for everyone. We're big fans of modern art so we easily had a blast. However, if indoor art is not your thing, be sure to check out the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia for the many murals and large scale artworks painted across the city. 

For more info on the museum, visit their website here.

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