Nothing But Nature


When we were planning for our Philadelphia trip, the name that kept popping up was a restaurant in Rittenhouse Square called P.S. & Co. I first heard about this place through other vegan blogs and I was excited to go not only to try out their food but also because their interior decor looked so charming. Judging from the photos alone, you can tell that the owner really had a clear vision of what they wanted the store to look like. Once we arrived at P.S. & Co., which, incidentally, stands for Pure Sweets & Company, we were excited to see that the place was much more charming in person. There was a certain homeyness and a warm energy that pictures alone couldn't capture. It was clear that it was a neighborhood establishment - a gem in the middle of Rittenhouse Square. 

What separates P.S. & Co. from other establishments in the city is its unwavering focus on delivering 100% organic, locally-sourced, non-GMO, seasonal, plant-based food to its customers. (Try saying that five times fast). You won't find any "multisyllabic additives or peculiar preservatives" in this nutrient-driven menu. In fact, the restaurant is so committed to having only the best ingredients on their menu, that they will put items on hiatus until that organic ingredient is available again. This kind of uncompromising attitude towards their food allows the customers to taste the food exactly as the owner and proprietor, Andrea Kyan, intended. 

We had the pleasure of meeting Andrea (pictured above) when we visited the restaurant for brunch. She came to us with a smile, as most Philadelphians seem to, just as Dustin was taking a photo of one of the plants in the restaurant's dining area.

"I'm so glad that you're taking a photo of that plant," she remarked, "That's one of my favorites."

Right off the bat, we instantly connected with her. Andrea was very easy to talk to and was very accommodating. She was as vibrant and vivacious as the fresh juices that they bottle, and as inviting as the many desserts on display that we were so tempted to take home. What's more, she was the embodiment of P.S. & Co. It was really great meeting someone who is so clearly passionate about what they do and truly believe in the products that they deliver. Talking to Andrea about food, fashion, veganism, and the struggles of operating an all-organic vegan restaurant in today's landscape was enlightening and inspiring. 

Besides their Instagram-worthy decor, the food in P.S. & Co. is nothing short of delicious. One might assume that just because the restaurant promotes healthy eating that their food must be lacking in flavor. Let me tell you right now that not only was the food satisfying, we actually left the restaurant feeling lighter.

The whole philosophy of the restaurant can be summed up by an old saying by Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine," which can be found as part of the restaurant decor. Rest assured, the food tastes nothing like medicine. However, what the restaurant does a good job of is making healthy eating easy and enjoyable. For our food, Dustin got the Meatball Sub (Mushroom meatballs served with hearty arrabiata sauce, almond parm and warm sesame baguette) and I tried their Waffle Tofu Club (Crispy waffles with baked tofu, red pepper aioli, sautéed greens, mushrooms and fried onions), which we both recommend. Another recommendation would be their fresh coffee made with hand-pressed Brazil nut milk, which pairs nicely with any of their brunch items.


If you ever find yourself in the city of Philadelphia, P.S. & Co. should definitely be on your list of places to try. Between the food and the ambience (really good music playlist too!), it makes for a very pleasurable dining experience. If you happen to see Andrea, be sure to say hi and tell her nooch digest sent you! :)

For more info about P.S. & Co., visit their website here.

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