Heart of the Jungle

From the moment you walk inside Jungle Café, you are greeted by a mural that features various creatures of both flora and fauna, all of whom are depicted in a way that suggests that these beings are somehow interconnected. That mural pretty much sums up the philosophy of Jungle Café, which prides itself in offering fresh and seasonal whole foods to its residents in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The café, which has been known for its themed vegan buffets, also offer local and organic entrées that are as nutritious as they are colorful. 

This is our second time visiting Jungle Café and I made sure that I tried their brunch buffet this time around. A word of caution as it is easy to get carried away with their buffet, as you can see by my plate above. The buffets runs at $9.99 a pound, which can be a hefty price to pay once you see all of the delicious options laid out in front of you. I tend to eat with my eyes, as my mom puts it, and of course this buffet was no exception. While I did not get to finish my entire plate, (it came close to two pounds), I would definitely recommend the Mexican Lasagna. Who would've thought that adding a South of the Border twist on an Italian favorite could make an already great dish even greater? #MakeLasagnaGreatAgain

On the other hand, it was pretty much love at first bite with Dustin and their Jungle Burrito, as he had it again the second time we went. This photo might not do it justice but Dustin has, on multiple occasions, declared that this is "the best vegan burrito [he's] ever had." Layers of basmati rice, black beans, seitan, pico de gallo, vegan cheese, and lettuce are wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, topped off with vegan sour cream and fresh guacamole. I can't say that I disagree with this statement, having had the leftovers later that night and it still held up to my high expectations. I pretty much devoured that leftover burrito, which somehow managed to keep its flavor and savoriness intact even after a couple hours later. 

If you're looking for a restaurant that specializes in healthy, locally-sourced vegan fare, look no further than Jungle Café. The casual, open space and the changing buffet menu lends itself to a very hearty meal with tons of varieties and distinct flavors. While the restaurant offers many vegan staples, it is in the Latin-inspired dishes that they truly shine. Next time you're in Greenpoint, make sure to give them a try!

Jungle Café is located on 996 Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

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