It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Pumpkin 1

Fall is upon us! And even though the weather doesn't seem to agree with that statement, I couldn't be more excited! This is my second fall season with Dustin and we made it our mission this year to spend at least one day searching for the perfect pumpkin. Who would've thought that, out of all the places in New York state, we were going to find it in Staten Island?

It's not often that we venture out to Staten Island, in fact this is my first visit. Over the course of my time living here in New York, I'm slowly getting the impression that Staten Island is regarded as the child of the family that no one really talks about, or care about, for that matter. (Kind of like the character Meg from Family Guy, who was often considered the black sheep of the family.) And I get it, unless you live in Staten Island, it takes a special reason as to why you would make the trek just to get there. (It did, however, give us a chance to grab some food at one of our favorite fast-food vegan chains, Terri, and it came in handy later on seeing as Staten Island was not at all very vegan-friendly.)

Getting to Historic Richmond Town was a feat unto itself. But the trip was definitely worth it seeing as how beautiful the town was. Coming from Brooklyn, we had to take the subway all the way to the Financial District, then a ferry out from Manhattan, and then take a half an hour bus ride, not to mention walk for a mile on a street where sidewalks have yet to be invented, just to get to our destination. You can imagine our surprise (and relief!) when we arrived and saw what was waiting for us.

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If you're looking for small town charm without having to go upstate, this is definitely the place for you to go. If you know me at all, I have this slight obsession with small towns (thanks to Gilmore Girls) and this town was as close as I'm going to get to Stars Hollow. Dustin, however, grew up in a similar community and was more used to that kind of environment than I was. To me, there's just something so fascinating about the way people from small towns live that is so different from how we live. The pace felt slower, but the community was tighter knit than in the city. It was definitely a welcome escape from the familiarity of Brooklyn.

The pumpkin patch that we went to was in full autumn display. Shades of brown and gold from the leaves changing complimented our outfits nicely. Dustin's blanket-lined flannel shirt provided the warmth and rugged style that he needed as he manhandled these pumpkins around. I, on the other hand, took advantage of the opportunity to wear an outfit that was partly an homage to the beautiful patterns that were largely influenced by the American Southwest, specifically the Navajo-inspired pattern on my cardigan, which, incidentally, blended perfectly with the fall foliage colors around us. 

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It didn't take me long until I really bought in to the whole charm of the town and by the end of the day, Dustin was in the same boat as I was. We took home three small-sized pumpkins back to our apartment and every time I would look at them, I am reminded of the feeling that I got when we were back in the pumpkin patch. Even though we might not go back to Staten Island again anytime soon, I would gladly take the trek all over again. If there's one thing that I take away from this trip, it would be that being the black sheep of the family isn't so bad after all.

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