Get to Know: Dustin Moore, Co-Founder of nooch digest

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Jon Rosario: I'm sitting here with Dustin Moore, co-founder of nooch digest. Let's get right to it. So, what made you want to start this blog?

Dustin Moore: I had done a blog before and I saw firsthand the reach that a blog could get to. I wanted to do something that will sort of encompass all of the skills that I have like photography and writing. I also wanted to build something that was my own instead of working on other people's dreams.

JR: Is that how you feel about the previous blog?

DM: Yes.

JR: How is this blog going to be different from the previous blog that you did? 

DM: Well, this is going to be a lifestyle blog and the other one was very focused on menswear and showing a certain image, which I really hope to not do on this one.

JR: How do you mean?

DM: I'd like this to be more candid and off-the cuff.

JR: Which is hard to do.

DM: Yes and I feel like if you're showing lifestyle, this opens you up to being more free.

JR: Totally. So you mentioned lifestyle and what do you hope to cover under that "lifestyle" umbrella?

DM: We're still working on the idea of this but I really hope we could show a slice of what it's like living in New York City, specifically being vegan in New York City. I'd also like to show travel and photography.

JR: Just a myriad of your own passions and skills, would you say?

DM: Yeah.

JR: So who do you think your target audience is going to be?

DM: Hopefully it targets..well a large portion of it is going to be aimed at living a vegan lifestyle.

JR: So people who are already vegan?

DM: Yes, but I'm really hoping that we can influence others to look at themselves and see the bigger picture behind veganism and hopefully dispel some myths too.

JR: So, veganism, just getting to that subject. How important is that to you and can you elaborate on what veganism is just to people who are not familiar with the concept?

DM: Well, at first it was really just about me switching. I didn't really have reasons behind it or I didn't really feel it immediately why I was doing what I was doing. It made sense in my head when I thought about it. But the feeling took a little bit to catch up to my mind.

JR: What feeling is that?

DM: The reasons why it is so important that I choose a vegan lifestyle, why I choose to eat vegan. Health is one and the bigger one for me is my passion and love for animals and living beside those animals. Being vegan [to me] is also not just about food but there's so many other things that go with that, like how we treat animals, animals who work for us, which, now, I feel is wrong.


"I never ever thought that if I met someone who is vegan that they are somehow less masculine."


JR: Can you describe how you became vegan?

DM: It was actually pretty easy for me. First, the food is the main thing. And I just changed that really quickly. I just decided one week that I would totally eat vegan and from there I haven't really gone back.

JR: Was there an outside factor that influenced your decision to becoming vegan?

DM: Well, my boyfriend. (laughs)

JR: So being gay and vegan. How little or how big will that play into this blog?

DM: We'll see. That remains to be seen. I do think if we're going to be talking about activism for being vegan, we should probably talk about activism for being gay as well. I know that a lot of people are going to say, "It's never something that I ever thought" but the "sissy mentality" of being gay can also be [a part of the stigma] of being vegan. And I never ever thought that if I met someone who is vegan that they are somehow less masculine. So, for me, that's kind of fascinating to tackle this stereotype of being vegan means being weak. I think it's actually the complete opposite.

JR: Have you ever come across a time where that's been an issue?

DM: Not in being weak, per say. I would say that I do get.. I'm not sure what it means, but when I do mention that I'm vegan that I get the roll of the eyes. Or the huff 'n puff. (laughs)

JR: That's a pretty common reaction from non-vegans, wouldn't you say?

DM: Yeah.

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JR: We kind of touched on this subject before, but what do you hope to accomplish first and foremost with this blog?

DM: I hope to, like I said, influence others into looking into their lifestyle and maybe finding that this could be something that would be beneficial to them.

JR: And how would you do that exactly?

DM: Showcase my life, how I live. How much I love being vegan now. How my relationship with food is better and more enjoyable than it was before. I never really loved food before. It wasn't a big deal to me. It was eating to eat, because I had to.

JR: Would you say that you have more of a pleasure eating now than ever before?

DM: I have a much bigger pleasure eating now. I enjoy doing it a lot more than I used to.

JR: What would you say is your favorite food now?

DM: That's hard. That's a really hard one. Oh man, I love everything. (laughs) Probably the same things I loved before I was vegan: Cheeseburgers, fries, anything deep-fried. (laughs) Probably the least healthy vegan food. (laughs) Junk food vegan. But, I don't mind.


"My relationship with food is better and more enjoyable than it was before. I never really loved food before. It wasn't a big deal to me. It was eating to eat, because I had to."


JR: With creating this blog, do you have any influences that you, personally, draw from? Not necessarily vegan-related, but more artistically or aesthetically that you want to incorporate in this blog?

DM: Well, I'm feeling very compelled with @chillwildlife right now.

JR: (laughs) Why a blog format? Why not do a Vlog? I mean who even reads blogs anymore?

DM: Exactly. Well you can still do video on a blog format. I could do a Youtube channel but there's something about having an array of different things: photography, film, writing. And I like to read. I like to read articles. I'm more of a person to read something rather than watch it.

JR: What does the name nooch digest mean to you? What kind of image conjures up in your brain? 

DM: I think of a guide. A vegan guide. Something that someone could follow, read about, and learn and maybe apply to their own life. 

JR: Last question. Tell us something that you want your audience to know about you.

DM: I have a huge passion on performing. Hopefully that could also be a part of the blog.